Simon Wai´s Sonic 2 Beta

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

This article is about in-development variant of Sonic The hedgehog 2 that is based on the pre-release of the game. The game version is called Simon Wai Prototype of Sonic The Hedgehog 2. It is rumored that it´s based on the beta of the game on a stolen cartridge from a toy show in York back in 1992.

In many ways it looks just like the final version of Sonic the hedgehog 2. The big difference is that if sonic has completed a level tails can also be controlled. But Sonic shouldn´t be visible on the screen in that case. Since there was no sound effect made for the Spin dash at the time of this beta you´ll hear the original sonic the hedgehog spin sound from the first game. 

All the water levels are glitchy and not shown properly because of the wrongfully loaded water graphics.

One fun fact is that the Sega logo isn´t show during booting of the game.

Tails is a follow along character and can´t be controlled while sonic is visible on the screen.

Although there´s only four playable zones in this version it hints at a large number of other zones that was cut out for reasons unknown.

The playable zones are Green hill, Chemical plant, Neo Green and Hill Top.

Here I´ll list all the zones that are shown I the Level Select menu and a short description:

Wood Zone has as the name reveals wood in the level and tree branches. This zone was only in the prototype version. 

Green Hill zone is basically Emerald Hill zone and also it was the only one with a boss fight.

Hill top Zone was also fully playable.

Hidden Palace name was inspired by the cavern in central Japan near Mt. Arakai.

This zone also had a lot of gems and jewels.

Metropolis zone was inspired by a big city with escalators conveyor belts and high-speed elevators. Everything a big city has to offer. This zone was the first shown to the public while the game was in development.

Oil Ocean Zone looks the same as the retail version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 so no need for a description here.

Dust Hill zone was renamed to Mystic Cave zone in the final retail version.

Casino night zone is strangely enough completely different from the finalized version and retail version. This level is completely missing rings and is almost not playable. Since it has lots of gaps like bottomless pits etc.  The Chemical plant zone is fully playable and is in the retail version. Then there´s just unplayable zones left and they are Genocide zity, Neo green hill and Death egg. Well worth to try out yourself to see the difference but be warned about some of the levels as I mentioned above.